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Welcome to Pixel Perfect Facebook Training. In this training, we go over what exactly a Facebook Pixel is, what it looks like, and why it is important.

Are you or your business using the Facebook Pixel? Do you have trouble with it? Do you even know what the Facebook Pixel is?

Did you know that if you use the Facebook Pixel properly, you could cut your ad spend IN HALF. Ok, so if you’re not using the Facebook Pixel, or not using it properly, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

That is why I made this training. Pixel Perfect is a training that I made specifically for people that have trouble with the Facebook Pixel, don’t know what it is, don’t know how to properly use it. This is meant to cut your ad spend in half, step-by-step, and teach you everything there is about the Facebook Pixel.

Pixel Perfect includes:

  • How to install your Facebook Pixel in 30 Seconds. (WordPress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Shopify).
  • How to “Prime” your Facebook Pixel Step by Step
  • How to use the Facebook Pixel for Conversion & Retargeting
  • How to build an email list really quickly using the Pixel & an offer
  • How to use the Facebook Pixel to drive extra sales for clients in Real Estate, Coaching, Restaurants, and more!
  • How to Generate More Sales via Abandoned Shopping Carts on Complete Autopilot

Note: If you purchase this training at any other time it will be full price ($197), this is only an offer for those attending this particular webinar. This offer is ONLY available right now on this page!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Intro to Pixel Perfect Training 00:00:00
What is a Facebook Pixel? 00:00:00
Why is the Facebook Pixel Important? 00:00:00
Understanding the Facebook Pixel Code (and Events Codes) 00:00:00
How to Install Your Facebook Pixel
Installing Facebook Pixel in WordPress 00:00:00
Installing Facebook Pixel in Shopify 00:00:00
Installing Facebook Pixel in ClickFunnels 00:00:00
How to Install Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension 00:00:00

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