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(UPDATED) Airfox K30 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard [Review]

Why I bought it

I was recently in the market to purchase a wireless bluetooth keyboard for my Macbook Pro. I currently have my laptop sitting one of these and when it is sitting next to my 27″ HP Pavilion 27xw, it’s a pain in the a** to reach over to the laptop to have to type something in.

I decided to pick up an Airfox K30 Wireless Bluetooth keyboard, after a recommendation from fellow web developer Seph Cordovano. I saw him using it in is Instagram story, and fell in love with the aesthetics. Once I did some research, I realized it one of the best choices in that prices range. So to sum up, I bought it because:

  • It is sexy keyboard
  • It was all the functionality I need
  • It fits my workstation nicely
  • quality + portability = happy joe

Airfox K30 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


What are my thoughts on it?

To be honest, I was really worried when I ordered it on Amazon that it was going all plastic and cheap feeling. The only other reference I had of it was from an Instagram story, and that was super pixelated to say the least. I took the box out of the Amazon shipping box, and first impressions were that the box reminding me of Razer product boxes. I think that is a compliment, as I am a huge fan of Razer products, and actually own a Razer keyboard, mouse, and microphone.

The box has pretty much all the information you need as far as specifications go. The actual directions and operations are on the bottom of the keyboard unit itself, which is useful because you won’t ever lose the directions, and if you ever need to reference the steps or key sequences for the other settings, you can just flip the keyboard.

The keyboard features seven backlight color options, two levels of brightness, an auto sleep feature, and a built in 500 milli amp rechargeable battery that provides 200 hours of usage without backlit, and 3 hours with backlit on a single charge.

It is also compatible with almost all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It should work with most laptops and tablet PCs.

Now, I picked this up from Amazon for about $47 – That is exactly the cheapest keyboard out there. But again, I wasn’t looking for the cheapest keyboard, I actually did some research and am really happy with the purchase. the typing experience is comfortable and you get used to it immediately. Aesthetically, it looks similar to Apple products and fits well with my workspace.

Some of the things that I like:

  • You can easily switch from wired to wireless
  • The key combinations are easy to remember, and make changing color, intensity, etc very easy.
  • There are plenty of color options to choose from. Probably won’t ever get bored.
  • Lightweight, aesthetic, and quality design/build.

Some things that I DON’t like:

  • I really wish they made a version of this keyboard with a full set of keys (numpad included)
  • The actual LED colors on the keyboard feel kind of cheap. The actual illumination slightly inconsistent in some places. Might just be my OCD
  • Annoying at first, but I learned eventually. If you are on mac, you may want to switch your alt and windows key on the keyboard. You can do so by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys (see image below). Copy my settings. It will save you a world of headaches. It basically mimics your macbook keyboard so the alt key does the same as the command key on mac, and the win key does the same as option key on mac.

Airfox K30 Reassign keys mac command

I will be making a video review of the keyboard in the next few days. I’ve been wanting to test out my new Razer Seiren studio microphone, so this is the perfect opportunity to make my first video review 🙂 If you would like to stay tuned, you can subscribe to my youtube channel here

PS: I was not paid to make this post. This was 100% on my own. Just wanted to share my experience with a pretty good product.


As always, peace out everyone. I’ll see you on the next one!


UPDATE (4/22/17) – They keyboard broke. The charging port became loose and eventually completely stopped charging all together. Definitely an annoying reason for the keyboard to stop working. It just shows, as aesthetic and nice looking this keyboard was, the internals were CHEAP – I’ll take pictures and post them soon.

Now I am looking for a new keyboard. Any suggestions? Comment below



3 responses on "(UPDATED) Airfox K30 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard [Review]"

  1. LMAO that was no review just a video. How well does it work? How is connectivity? Does it drop connection often? Have you connected it to a PC?

    • All that showed up was the top video. Now I see more on the page after returning to it..Sorry! I would delete my comment if I could

      • No worries at all, honest mistake 🙂

        I would highly recommend this keyboard for the price range. My next purchase may be a similar full-sized keyboard.

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