About Joe

Hi! I am Joseph “Joe” Ali and I am the founder of Develop Media and Kyber IT, and have been built several other projects that have generated over 6 figures in revenue. I have been involved in business and technology for over 15 years and always strive to challenge myself, build substantial relationships, and provide value. I have helped my clients and businesses around the world develop their business, build their brand, and implement technology. This has given me the opportunity to both have access to and transform many different industries.

As President and founder of Kyber IT, I love a good challenge: I am passionate about finding creative ways to diagnose and resolve complex business problems. As a result, I work in a variety of disciplines and is responsible for managed services, business intelligence, and special projects at Kyber IT.

I fell in love with technology at age 8 when I received a Compaq desktop for Christmas; I have been tinkering ever since. I briefly worked as a web developer early in my career, until realizing that I could better harness my passion for technology by starting my own company.

If you are really curious about companies and projects I have worked on, click here for a breakdown.